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Enter Personal Information

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Please Note: As you register to take your certification exam with Pearson VUE, it is important that the information you register with on this site matches the information in your student profile on the Avaya Learning Center.

Your first name, last name, the use or not of a middle initial, and your email address must match exactly in these two profiles. This will allow our automated exam update process to function properly and prevent delays in updating exams to your Avaya Learning Center transcript.

Common errors made when matching profile information often include:

  1. Business vs. personal email addresses.
  2. Nick names vs. legal names.
  3. Inconsistent use of special characters in the name fields.
  4. Cultural switching of last name and first name between profiles.
  5. Inconsistent use of full last name when multiple last names exist.
  6. Pearson VUE supports a suffix field (Jr., Sr, etc.); Avaya Learning does not. The last name field must appear the same in both profiles. Example: Smith Jr.
  7. Typing errors.

If you would like to review your Avaya Learning Center profile, please click here (you will be asked for your user id and password).

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The information you provide to Pearson VUE (last name and email) must match the information within your Avaya Learning Center User Profile. If your first name, last name and email address do not match exactly, your transcript will not be updated in the Avaya Learning Center.



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If you have questions about how your personal information may be used, please read our Privacy Policy.