VCE Certified Professional Program

As data center infrastructures converge, the VCE Certification program drives success by validating real world expertise in the evolution of VCE’s industry leading technologies.

VCE Certified Professional Framework

VCE Certified Professional Program chart

VCE Certified Converged Infrastructure Associate

Available to all professionals, this credential is intended to expand understanding of what factors differentiate the VCE converged infrastructure environment, detail the basics of VCE Vblock Systems components and solutions, and the underlying investor technologies.

VCE Certified Converged Infrastructure Engineer and Master Engineer

  • Design — Validates professionals in designing Vblock Systems and working with customer IT stakeholders to understand requirements.
  • Deploy — Certifies professionals in deploying and implementing Vblock Systems, conducting test validations, and ensuring system compliance.
  • Manage — Develops specialized skills in managing converged infrastructure systems and utilizing resources and software to meet SLAs, capacity and performance requirements, and management tasks.

Candidates Agreement

You will be required to agree to the VCE Candidates Agreement that will be presented at the beginning of your exam. Failure to read/accept the agreement within the allotted 5 minutes will result in your exam ending and a forfeit of your exam fees. Please take a moment to review the agreement now so that you are familiar with it when you sit for your exam.

Exam Retake Policy

If a candidate does not pass a VCE exam on his or her first attempt, he or she must wait at least four weeks (28 days) between each additional attempt of that same VCE exam.

Last updated 2016-06-08