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Next-Generation Biometrics: Palm Vein Recognition

Over the years, Pearson VUE has introduced a number of security enhancements now considered standard in the industry. Palm vein recognition, introduced in our Pearson Professional Centers in 2008, represents the next generation of authentication technology and is an integral part of our Secure Testing Framework™.

Palm vein recognition examines the unique patterns in a test taker’s palm veins using a safe, near-infrared light source, like that in a TV remote.

With a false-acceptance rate of .00008 percent, palm vein recognition:

  • Ensures each test taker has a single record that is virtually impossible to forge
  • In non-intrusive to the user, eliminating the privacy concerns often associated with other biometric devices
  • Increases accuracy and security around the check-in process and as candidates enter and exit during breaks

Pearson VUE’s palm vein recognition process represents the most advanced and accurate authentication technology available for global identity management in high-stakes testing.