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ExamDeveloper™ integrates the functionality of test development, administration and analysis within a suite of highly-secure web-based tools. The system allows individuals to collaborate remotely, reducing the development costs of an examination. ExamDeveloper™ is configurable, so your organization can use all or individual components to maximize cost savings while increasing productivity and exam integrity.

Developed by exam experts

ExamDeveloper™ was developed by a team of organizational psychologists, psychometricians and other testing experts who specialize in high-stakes assessments. The software utilizes the highest psychometric standards to ensure that every aspect of an assessment built in ExamDeveloper™ is defensible.


Security is a vital component of ExamDeveloper™. The software is audited by a third-party Internet security consultant and guards against known Internet security vulnerabilities. At an organizational level, you can manage user privileges to ensure individuals working with exam content have access only to the information they really need.

Exam development cycle

Exam development cycle

Creating an exam is more than just writing questions. ExamDeveloper™ supports the entire exam development cycle.

Job analysis

An often overlooked component of developing an exam is the Job/Task Analysis. In this step, the duties and requirements of a job are analyzed to develop a framework for the exam’s content. Without this crucial first step, it is impossible to establish a case for validity of the exam results.

  • Conduct an online job analysis meeting
  • Manage an unlimited blueprint length and number of layers
  • Validate the job analysis outline with rating scales such as importance, criticality and frequency

Item development

Because a subject matter expert’s ability to craft a high-quality question can significantly increase the value of an exam, proper training and on-going support are essential to the item development process.

  • Create, review and validate questions based on psychometric best practice
  • Receive psychometric advice to improve the quality of exam questions with Exam Advisor™ 
  • Create a variety of item types including multiple choice, true/false, hot-spot, drag and drop, case-based sets and extended matching

Project management

From schedule setting to task assignment, efficient project management will ensure that your exam is developed on time and within budget.

  • Track the contribution and quality of input from each project participant
  • Quickly set up and configure new projects with easy-to-use templates
  • Review the end-to-end status of a project with an intuitive dashboard

Item banking

Once the hard work has been put into developing exam questions, it is important that the content can be accessed, utilized, edited and updated quickly and easily.

  • Import and export questions to many printable and database-ready formats
  • Quickly locate questions in very large item banks with over 35 search criteria and unlimited queries available
  • Batch edit to simultaneously make changes to multiple items

Standard setting and validation

Developing a cut score without sound methodology is the easiest way to invite legal challenges to your examination program. Skipping this important step reduces the value of your certification and can erode confidence in your organization’s ability to evaluate candidates.

  • Conduct an online standard-setting meeting with subject matter experts to determine a legally defensible passing point
  • Document the validity of every item on an exam using validation ratings and reference lists
  • Establish the validity and integrity of the exam for employment decisions with the Validation Report

Please use the credentials mailed to you. If you are unable to log in, contact support@examdesign.com

Last updated 2013-10-07