SCMA Certification Testing

Testing is coordinated through the Certitrek Group

The Specialty Certified Medical Assistant-SCMA® certification ensures that medical assistants are recognized for their superb skills and extensive knowledge in their field. We also provide physicians a way to quantify the experience and knowledge of medical assistant applicants.  We offer 13 different therapeutic specialties in which you may choose to become certified.


  • Cardiology (SCMA-CD)
  • Dermatology (SCMA-D)
  • Endocrinology (SCMA-END)
  • Family Medicine (SCMA-FM)
  • Geriatrics (SCMA-G)
  • Internal Medicine (SCMA-IM)
  • Oncology (SCMA-ON)
  • Orthopedic Surgery (SCMA-ORS)
  • Pediatrics (SCMA-PD)
  • Transplantation Surgery (SCMA-TTS)
  • Urology (SCMA-U)
  • Women’s Health (SCMA-WH)
Last updated 2016-06-10