The Pearson Professional Centers Testing Experience

Waiting Area

The Pearson Professional Centers offer you the most secure, consistent and comfortable testing experience available. From the moment you enter a test center, you notice a difference. Our professional, courteous staff greets you as you enter. A comfortable waiting room with lockers for your personal belongings and ample seating helps you relax before you check in to begin your exam.

Pearson Professional Center lobby photo
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Check In: Biometrics

Before you begin your exam, our test center administrator will ask you to check in. The administrator will check your two forms of identification, one of which must be a photo ID, and in some instances an authorization letter from the testing organization. Your digital photo, signature, and palm vein scan will be taken, as required by the testing organization.

Biometric check in - your digital photo will be taken
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Testing Room

Laminated boards and markers and any other client specific exhibits or directions will be given to you prior to entering the testing room. The proctor will show you to a workstation where a computer, monitor and mouse are ready for you to begin your exam. Your proctor ensures that the exam is ready and waiting for you to begin and can answer any other questions you may have. You will be in a comfortable, distraction free environment so you can focus on what you are there to do – perform your best on your exam.

Testing room layout photo
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Proctor Station

During your exam, a proctor sits in a viewing room, where he/she has direct line sight of all the testing stations. Testing sessions are audio and video recorded and the proctor can view each station independently on his/her monitor as well. If your exam requires a scheduled break, the exam will ask if you would like to break. Once you raise your hand, a proctor will immediately come over to you and escort you out of the testing room. Likewise, if you have any questions during the exam, simply raise your hand and the proctor will come over to you immediately to address your concerns.

Proctor station photo
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ADA Room

All Pearson Professional Centers are fully ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Each center contains a workstation with fully adjustable work surface and chair. Many centers also contain a separate testing room designed specifically to accommodate persons with disabilities.

Special accommodations staff is available to assist persons with disabilities. Readers or other ADA accommodations staff is provided only when authorized in legitimate ADA situations defined and approved in advance by the test sponsor.

ADA section photo
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Front Desk: Check in/Check out

Once your exam is completed you will sign out of the test center and any exhibits and scratch paper, or laminated boards and markers, will be collected by the test center administrator. At this time, you may receive a score report or exam confirmation statement depending on the exam. Alternatively, your score report will be mailed.

Front desk photo
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