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OpenERP Certification Exams

OpenERP is an ecosystem made up of an expanding family of business applications (CRM, Warehouse Mgt, Accounting, HR, Point of Sale, Training and Events Mgt) with its proper state-of-the-art OpenObjects framework providing the backbone, the editor OpenERP S.A. as the overall driving engine and a growing community of partners and individuals, contributing to OpenERP’s increasing success and coverage.

Installed and ready to go in a few clicks, OpenERP applications can also be subject to vertical business implementations and sophisticated processes, driven by the enterprise profiles and business schemes.

OpenERP’s expanding presence accentuates the market needs for OpenERP skills and expertise, especially for the following profiles:

  1. system owners, managers or employees to pilot or expand the use of OpenERP within your enterprise
  2. consultants, be it independent or employee of an OpenERP partner to help your clients implement or extend the OpenERP suite of applications
  3. OpenERP instructor or staff member of a Certified Training Partner to transfer OpenERP knowledge in a professional manner to your clients

These ambitions can be realised by succeeding the official OpenERP Certification Program. Being certified through this curriculum demonstrates your market value and know-how and earmarks you as an outstanding individual in the OpenERP industry.

Currently, the following certifications are available to you:

  • OpenERP Functional Expert

The editing company OpenERP SA is preparing the following certification for you:

  • OpenERP Technical Expert
Last updated 2013-11-01