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A Learning Partnership to Benefit Test Takers

In addition to providing world-class testing services, Pearson VUE, as part of Pearson—the world’s largest education company—is uniquely positioned to add significant value to your organization’s education program.

“Pearson can help you both market your existing educational offering and create world-class content to enhance it.”

Content Creation

Pearson is the global leader in education publishing, bringing together landmark academic publishers like Prentice Hall, Addison-Wesley, and Allyn & Bacon. Pearson is also the global leader in Computer Technology publishing, covering the breadth of topics of importance to IT professionals—creative design, operating system administration, network design, and IT certification.

Pearson partners with a number of large organizations today to provide educational material through an “official” Press relationship. A publishing partnership can be of great benefit to any organization with a learning or testing program. The partnership helps promote the organization’s leadership image in the market while providing valuable content to customers and prospective test takers.

Custom Publishing Solutions

Pearson’s Custom Learning Solutions group can work with your program during all stages of the content creation process implementing best-of-breed process and technology to effectively generate compelling content. As part of the world’s largest education company, we are often able to leverage existing content in new ways. We have the resources and expertise to help you create the following:

  • Practice Exams
  • Exam Preparation Materials
  • Custom Self Study Text
  • Online Courseware
  • Exam Prep Courseware
  • Continuing Education Materials

Broader Distribution

In addition to creating content, Pearson VUE can help you distribute the content to a broader audience through our mindhub online learning portal. This online resource serves as a one-stop shop for professionals interested in educational materials aimed at helping them advance their careers.

Marketing & Promotions

In addition, Pearson VUE’s unique position allows us to selectively “target” candidates with unique needs and significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing dollars. By leveraging our global test centers (with thousands of locations worldwide) and numerous candidate touch points, Pearson VUE can significantly promote awareness for your program’s education products and help drive sales. We can work closely with you to create marketing campaigns to bring the greatest value to your test takers and give you maximum impact.

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Last updated 2013-06-21