Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) Certification Testing

Founded in 1915, the Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) is the largest supply management association in the world as well as one of the most respected. ISM’s mission is to lead the supply management profession through its standards of excellence, research, promotional activities, and education.

Appointment information:
When you arrive for your exam at the Pearson VUE testing facility, the full name on your personal ID must EXACTLY MATCH the full name on your ISM registration, word for word or you cannot test.

Please contact ISM at least 24 hours in advance of your test date to make any changes. If your name does not EXACTLY MATCH on these two documents, you will be refused admission to the exam. You will NOT be able to test that day and your exam fees will be forfeited.

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Last updated 2014-10-19