IQN Certification Testing

IQN is a global organisation for diploma and professional qualifications. IQN specialises in developing and delivering assessments and qualifications of various lengths and levels. For further information about IQN and its qualifications please visit:


Our qualifications are available in more than 175 countries around the globe. Our exams are available on–demand throughout the year. We have a unique “open-entry” policy – anyone with any prior academic and/ professional background can 'register and attempt’ IQN exams through Pearson VUE. If you have any questions about our examinations or qualifications, please contact our support team at


We offer flexible and widely accepted professional and diploma qualifications. Our qualifications are credit rated at Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF) and benchmarked against European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Our Qualifications

Professional Qualifications

Diploma Qualifications

Registration & Scheduling Information

Free registration with IQN

You can register free for an IQN qualification through our website. You do not have to pay any fees to become a registered student of IQN!

Scheduling a test with Pearson VUE

You could book IQN exam anytime at the nearest Pearson VUE test centre. Exam can be booked online or over phone. Appointments could be made in advance or on the day you wish to take the exam, subject to availability.

Last updated 2015-09-23