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Assessment Delivery for Human Resources

Increasing the efficiency and legal defensibility of your hiring process

Finding the right talent through traditional methods is time-consuming, expensive, and may not result in hiring the best candidate for the job. Talent assessments are widely accepted as accurate predictors of ability, aptitude, attitude and productivity—helping you better qualify the pool of candidates prior to the more costly interviewing stage. However, managing the assessment process can be difficult. Overburdened HR staff may not have time to proctor the assessments and unproctored exams open the door to inconsistent results and proxy test takers.

Pearson VUE increases the efficiency and legal defensibility of your hiring process by delivering proctored exams in a secure, consistent, proctored environment—one that reflects your company’s professional standards and is specifically designed to encourage the best possible performance from candidates. Our test center network is ideal for organizations that need large-scale or remote location assessments delivered in a secure high-stakes environment.

Best of all, with Pearson VUE’s solution you can continue using your own assessments or those purchased from a third-party content provider. We’ll feed candidate results directly to your candidate tracking system, making the transition virtually seamless.

Complete Services for High-Stakes Employment Testing:

  • Psychometric Services
  • Customized Assessments
  • Online Registration and Scheduling
  • Global Test Delivery
  • Security Services
  • License/Credential Management
  • Real-Time Reporting
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