Esri Technical Certification

As a leader in the GIS software industry, Esri has set the bar for quality products that leverage GIS technology to address social, economic, business, academia, and environmental concerns at local, regional, national, and global scales. To support these products, the Esri Technical Certification Program was designed to establish a community of qualified individuals proficient in the best practices for using Esri software.

As the use of geospatial technology expands throughout government and the private sector, organizations increasingly see the value of certifying their workforce. The Esri Technical Certification program has expanded to meet this need by offering a new entry-level exam for individuals with less than two years broad experience using ArcGIS for Desktop.

Visit the Esri Technical Certification website to explore Esri’s certification exam offerings.

Which certification track is right for you?

Prospective candidates should carefully review the Qualifications, Skills Measured, Tools and Software tabs on the exam’s website. The Qualifications tab describes the qualified candidate and the skills they should have. The Skills Measured tab is an outline of the exam sections and the skills the exam questions are written to.

If the prospective candidate identifies a gap between their knowledge and skills and those measured by the exam, the Preparation Resources document on the website provides a useful list of learning options and online resources, organized by topic. Some preparation guides are lengthy to provide as many valuable options to the candidate as possible, however it is not required that candidates attend the entire list of courses. In addition, the Esri Technical Certification web courses allow candidates a sample view of the exam format.

Scheduling a Test

Appointments may be made in advance or on the day you wish to test, subject to availability.

Last updated 2016-08-01