AppSense Certification Program

AppSense has developed a new certification Program targeting IT Professionals and Channel Partners responsible for designing, implementing, administering, managing and troubleshooting AppSense solutions. The program has four certifications, the AppSense Certified Administrator, the AppSense Certified Professional, the AppSense Certified Expert and the AppSense Certified Architect. To learn more about each certification and the requirements select the certification below.

Certification Chart AppSense Certified Administrator AppSense Certified Professional AppSense Certified Expert AppSense Certified Architect AppSense Certified Professional

Currently Available Exams

The following are the current list of exams available.

AppSense Certified Professional 2.0 (APP-DSK-100)

The AppSense Certified Professional 2.0 (Environment Manager 8.4, Application Manager 8.7, Performance Manager 8.2 and Management Center 8.5) is targeted at IT Professionals and Channel Partners responsible for administering and deploying AppSense DesktopNow. It validates your ability to install, configure, administer, troubleshoot and maintain the four components of DesktopNow: Environment Manager, Application Manager, Performance Manager, and Management Center.

To become a Certified Professional, you must pass the AppSense Professional 2.0 exam APP-DSK-100.

  • The exam consists of 50 questions that must be completed in 70 minutes.
  • Questions are multiple choice, matching and drag and drop.
  • You must achieve a minimum score of 70% to pass.
  • It is recommended that you attend the AppSense Professional 2.0 course before attempting the exam.

AppSense Support 2.0 (APP-SUP-100)

The AppSense Support 2.0 is part of the AppSense Certified Expert and is targeted at IT Professionals and Channel Partners responsible for advanced troubleshooting and maintenance of AppSense DesktopNow solutions in enterprise environments. It validates your ability to troubleshoot, isolate and fix problems, and optimize and maintain AppSense DesktopNow environments.

To become a Certified Expert, please view the requirements list above under, the AppSense Certified Expert section.

Exam Retirements

The following are upcoming and recent certification lifecycle announcements. Please note that on the specified exam retirement date, the exam will no longer be available for registration.

Exam Retirement Date
AppSense Professional APP-101 August 31, 2013
AppSense Specialist APP-201 August 31, 2013

AppSense Information

About AppSense

AppSense helps corporate IT teams deliver the ultimate in user experience and productivity on both physical PCs and virtual workspaces while optimizing security and lowering both operations and infrastructure costs. AppSense achieves this by separating policy, performance, profile, privilege and data away from the underlying operating system, applications and devices. AppSense DesktopNow and DataNow then deliver it back to the workspace in real time, via any delivery technology, physical, virtual, or cloud. AppSense solutions have been deployed by 3,200 enterprises worldwide to over 7 million desktops. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA with offices around the world.

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