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APC Tutorial and Practise Exam

This computer-based testing tutorial and Practise exam software provides the opportunity for you to learn how to navigate your way through computer-based examinations. It includes a Practise exam that gives you an opportunity to become familiar with the operations of computer-based testing.


About Pearson VUE Exams

The first part of the tutorial is “About Pearson VUE Exams.” This section illustrates all of the functions that you may be asked to use when taking a computer-based test including how to answer questions, change answers, and review questions. If you would like to view this portion of the tutorial without downloading the software to your computer, please¬†click here. (This link opens in a new window.)

Interactive APC Practise Exam

The second part of the tutorial is “Practise Exam.” This section allows you to become familiar with the operations of computer-based examinations.

The content of the questions in the Practise exam is not specific to any one program, but it does provide the opportunity to use all of the functions to enter responses, view visuals and exhibits, scroll pages and review items. Examples of each type of function are shown. Not all functions are necessarily used in “real-life” exams.

Last updated 2013-08-27