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For Immediate Release: 26 September 2007
Contact: Pearson VUE
Mary Beth Mohn

Testing Agency Collaboration CSW Celebrates a Milestone in Computer-Based Testing

CSW Computer Simulations, LLC., partnered with Zoomorphix and Pearson VUE to introduce 2-D and 3-D computer modeling into the examination process

BLOOMINGTON, Minn., September 26, 2007 — CSW Computer Simulations, LLC., an organization resulting from the collaborative effort of the Central Regional Dental Testing Service (CRDTS), Southern Regional Testing Agency (SRTA), and Western Regional Examining Board (WREB), announced today that it will be celebrating two years of successful computer-based exam delivery at the American Association of Dental Examiners (AADE) Annual Meeting in San Francisco. The computer-based examination not only replaced the previous paper-and-pencil test, it ushered in a new era of dental licensure testing.

The road to this achievement began in 2001, when these organizations collaborated to pioneer the use of 2-D and 3-D computer technology in dental testing. The goal of these three testing agencies was to eliminate the handling and shipment of portfolios, dental models, and printed examinations required of the previous test, while increasing the exam’s availability. After the creation of the prosthodontic portion, the agencies decided to develop a computer patient-based periodontic exam.

In the Spring of 2006, CSW, Zoomorphix, and Pearson VUE released the computer-based replacement of the former prosthodontic exams as well as the computer patient-based periodontic assessment and diagnosis exams. The dental licensure candidates who registered for the CSW Computer Simulation Exams found the most technologically advanced tests in the dental licensure testing industry. The computer-based prosthodontic and periodontic exams are used by the affiliated regional testing agencies to assist in testing candidates’ skills and knowledge of prosthodontics as well as periodontal assessment/diagnosis. Because this test is delivered electronically, it is available year-round at a national network of locations — whereas the previous test was only delivered within a limited set of dates and sites, due to logistical constraints involved in shipping the equipment necessary for the paper-and-pencil exam.

“After two successful years of delivering the CSW Computer Simulation exams, the new innovative testing model has resulted in increased access to the tests, increased candidate satisfaction levels and reduced costs for the participating regional examination agencies,” stated Dr. Wendell Garrett, one of the six directors of the CSW Management Team. “CSW Computer Simulation Exams have set a new standard in the evolution of Dental Licensure Exams. The candidates that are graduating from today’s dental schools are so computer literate, they welcome the challenge to be tested via the testing modalities that the CSW exams offer.”

John Baker, CEO of Zoomorphix Systems describes the history behind the exam, “The electronic portfolio and 3D models were a result of several years of intense collaborative efforts by the boards, examiners and Zoomorphix to accurately replicate the physical models and scenarios historically used. Our advanced item type technology Glass3D was able to deliver the desired result.”

Robert Whelan, President of Pearson VUE, reflected on his company’s role in the effort, “We have enjoyed the chance to help advance the testing industry through our collaboration with CSW and Zoomorphix. The effort has resulted in greater convenience for candidates and a new model for performance-based testing.” He added, “Our company-owned-and-operated network of test centers provides the consistent, high level of performance required for such advanced exams.”

Pearson VUE continues to expand its company-owned-and-operated Pearson Professional Centers network. The CSW exam will be available in the full U.S. network of 207 locations during the 2008 testing season.

About Pearson VUE
Pearson VUE (www.pearsonvue.com) is the global leader in electronic testing services for academic admissions, certification and licensure programs. Pearson VUE offers exams through the world’s largest network of test centers in 162 countries, providing testing services for information technology, regulatory and certification boards, academic, government and corporate clients. Its innovative technology offers the security and control required by academic, licensure and certification programs while its commitment to service provides customers with an unmatched testing experience. Pearson acquired Promissor, which is now a business of Pearson VUE, extending its leadership in the testing and certification industry.

Pearson VUE is a business of Pearson (NYSE: PSO; LSE: PSON), the international media company, whose businesses include the Financial Times Group, Pearson Education, and the Penguin Group.

About Zoomorphix
Zoomorphix Systems (www.zoomorphix.com) is a computer software development company established in Melbourne in 1998, specializing in 3D graphics software development. Their mission is to provide the leading solutions in technically challenging applications. Zoomorphix Systems developers have been creating computer software for over 20 years and 3D computer graphics software since 1990, developing 3D simulations for large companies domestically and internationally. Zoomorphix Systems has history of working on large projects across multiple time zones and have always delivered reliable state of the art leading solutions.

About CSW Computer Simulations, LLC
CSW Computer Simulations, LLC (www.cswexams.com) is an organization created by and reporting to: Central Regional Dental Testing Service (CRDTS), Southern Regional Testing Agency (SRTA), and Western Regional Examining Board (WREB). In 2001, the collaborative efforts and commitment of these three testing agencies, their doctors, educators, testing specialists and administrative staff became a pioneering venture in the use of appropriate 2-D and 3-D computer technology for dental testing. The result is the development of a better examination that can be used by the three agencies to test a candidate’s skills and abilities in prosthodontics and periodontal assessment/diagnosis. The computer simulation examination results will be utilized in conjunction with clinical testing to determine minimal competency for dental licensure.

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