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For Immediate Release: 12 August 2014
Media Contacts: Damien Fletcher
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Free webinar from Pearson VUE explores limitations of single-day exams and a potential solution: computer-based testing

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Successive government investment programmes have seen a sharp increase in the use of technology in education across the country - most recently through the Digital Education Revolution policy. Australia's tech-savvy population increasingly expect to utilise computer devices in every aspect of their lives, including when they take an exam.

As a result, there is growing pressure on the testing industry – particularly those delivering professional high-stakes exams – to provide innovative solutions in terms of the technology and systems of exam delivery and also convenience for the candidate in terms of when and where they take their test.

The traditional 2000-year-old testing model sees huge groups of candidates gathering in a city-based exam hall on a particular day for a pen and paper-based test. But with the advent of computer-based testing (CBT), exam providers now have the option of offering busy candidates the convenience of “test windows”, meaning they can book their exam for a particular day within a range of dates, or even on-demand testing where they can choose any date. The exams can even be booked at a network of test centres both within and outside cities, providing greater opportunities for those who cannot afford the time to travel into city centres for their exam.

An exclusive free webinar about the limitations of single-day testing and how CBT can provide a solution will be hosted by Belinda Brunner, Senior Content Specialist at global computer-based testing leaders Pearson VUE, on Monday 18th August, 5pm – 6pm (AEST), 8am – 9am (BST).

The webinar will draw upon global best practice to discuss how on-demand and window-based tests can offer a flexible testing solution for both the test taker and the test sponsor, compared with pen and paper-based tests. Belinda will also look at the challenges and considerations involved when assessing the suitability of on-demand or window-based testing for a programme and misconceptions about the need for vast banks of test questions where single-day testing is replaced by CBT.

Belinda Brunner said: “Test providers in Australia are striving to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of tech-savvy candidates who now have the opportunity to sit tests on days and at locations which suit them, thanks to CBT. This webinar is an opportunity to examine how the industry is evolving towards these models of testing and how it is already being successfully implemented around the world.”

* The webinar takes place on Monday 18th August. Please visit the website https://pearsonvue.wufoo.com/forms/transitioning-to-computerbased-testing before Friday 15th August to register.

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